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¿Mientras más alto vives, más pobre eres?

Versión complete de la película de ensayo ¿Mientras más alto vives, más pobre eres?, se puede ver aquí. La Paz, la capital de Bolivia, es una de las ciudades mas altas del mundo.  La ciudad se desarrolló rápidamente a finales del siglo XX, cuando las personas, en su mayoría de origen aymara, emigraron de las... Continue Reading →

San Miguel

San Miguel is the main commercial area of La Paz, hosting the city's most fashionable restaurants, designer shops and spas.  It was however originally a race course, and its circular roads stand out in the otherwise grid system of La Zona Sur.  San Miguel was first developed when, with backing from USAID, small one and... Continue Reading →

Avenida Kollasuyo

Avenida Kollasuyo is in the North of La Paz, just above the city's General Cemetery, and just below the neighbouring city of El Alto.  The avenue is a main transport connection between La Paz, El Alto and the countryside beyond, and, although it is generally perceived as a humble area, in recent years it has... Continue Reading →

Principal Investigator, Dr Kate Maclean.

Kate Maclean is Senior Lecturer in Geography at Birkbeck, University of London. Kate is an academic who explores how economic development recreates and challenges gendered concepts, identities and experiences.  She has conducted various research projects in Latin America, including work on microfinance, the used clothes trade, urban development and urban violence.  She has published in... Continue Reading →

Researcher, Alison Parrado

Alison Parrado is a trained accountant and professional folkloric dance teacher.  She has expertise in tax, finance and administration, and has travelled widely with the National Ballet.  She has also lived and worked in Barcelona and Mallorca, Spain.

Researcher, Natalia Casanovas

Natalia Casanovas was awarded a BA hons in Social Communication from the Universidad Católica Boliviana, La Paz, in 2017.  Her dissertation, which received a grade of 100%,  explored dynamics of race and ethnicity in the newly opened MegaCenter in the Zona Sur.  It has been published with Ediciones Plural, entitled Pollera y ojos verdes: Racismo... Continue Reading →

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